Lab resources

Hi everyone,

My personal lab is made up by:

  • 4x 3560 running IOS 15.0
  • Dell R610 server with 64Gig of memory.
  • Cisco 2500 Access Server
  • 1 wireless access-point – my rack is wireless 🙂


Usual boot time for 10CSR is 13 minute, so for this reason I highly recommend running ESXi 5.5 datastore on a SSD.
With SSD I was able to boot 10CSR in 4-5 minutes.

As for the technology resources I am using INE training materials:

  • INE R&Sv5 ATC
  • INE R&Sv5Workbook
  • Books, books and more books.


Right now the target date for the LAB itself is December 2015. Let’s see how that goes 🙂